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Be Wise Now is an ‘operator’s manual’ outlining the 15 dimensions of human consciousness and navigating our human journey.” – D. Howard

Be Wise Now: A Guide To Conscious Living

The beauty and brilliance of life is found within its deeper story. While we often become stuck in the challenges of the day-to-day, it’s often those struggles that provide the fuel for our development. In this book, Gael McCool explores the fifteen interrelated aspects of the self so you learn to use your natural and acquired strengths in order to handle life’s daily ups and downs. Wisdom already exists inside you. Be Wise Now is a tool to help you access that knowledge.

**Winner: Montaigne Medal (Most Thought-Provoking Book of 2020)**
**Winner: First Horizons Medal, Eric Hoffer Awards (Best Debut Book in Self Help 2020)**
**Silver Medal (tie): Independent Publishers Book Awards (Silver Medal for Self Help Book 2020)**

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 “In this brilliantly insightful book, Gael McCool draws upon extensive, grounded research and decades of professional experience to explore 15 distinct dimensions of oneself in ways that lead to increased self-knowledge, personal empowerment, and greater empathy for yourself and others. This book is packed with nuggets of wisdom that will help readers enhance their social and emotional intelligence abilities, and so much more. This is truly a brilliant, well-written and original book, one that is captivating, urgent, essential and a joy to read. If you are looking for something truly transformative in your life right now, start with this book. It’s honest, straightforward, and actionable, the ultimate playbook for discovering and acting upon your wisdom within.” 

Laura Belsten PhD, Founder of the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence

Notable Endorsements:

"This is a wise, compassionate and beautifully-written book. I intend to make this book a key resource for my clients and students as they develop their emotional and spiritual intelligences. The questions inside will help you hear each aspect of your inner self and the stories will inspire you. Knowing, loving and integrating your whole self - from your ego to your highest self - is possible. I encourage you to do this work. We benefit all living beings by developing ourselves." 

Cindy Wigglesworth Author, SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

Notable Endorsements:

“With a light touch, her calming, optimistic, thought-provoking questions and perspective will challenge and broaden your view. An engaging balance of science, affirmation, and practical inquiry, Be Wise Now is a mind-opening book that you will take to heart.”

Book Reviews:

“Full of great examples, wonderful meditations, and thoughtful explorations, it’s a book to come back to time and time again, no matter where you are in life.”

Book Reviews:

“This book inspired me to examine all the different aspects of myself and brought it all together with clear insight and purpose. I really enjoyed this read!”

Book Reviews:

The Life-Changing Power of Your Story (A Companion Workbook to Be Wise Now)

The lessons in Be Wise Now provide an important framework to discover more about yourself and your deeper story. As you examine and interact with your reinterpreted and redefined narrative, you’ll begin to transition from an old story to a new one. But as with most meaningful exercises, the act of self-discovery requires intention.

In this workbook, you will:
— Assess the skills, strengths, and resiliency found in your new story
— Review what you’ve learned and the gifts you’ve received along the way
— Discover what you’re grateful for in this new story
— Claim its underlying purpose and its role in your story overall

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“If I had to choose one word to embody Gael’s gift it would be her ability to catalyze
freedom. Freedom not only from one’s dreaded inner critic, but freedom to burst forth
and live life to its fullest, pausing only to smell the flowers and never ever to secondguess another moment.”

"The tools that I acquired through my time spent working with Gael McCool have vastlyimproved my life. There is never a day that I don’t recognize and utilize Gael’s work.”

“Gael McCool has a gift. She is able to clearly see the issues that can hold people back from being their very best.”

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Brave Changes: A Snowflake’s Story

A timely message in light of a global pandemic, this book is written to acknowledge the bravery and wisdom of our most illuminated beings – our children and grandchildren. Brave Changes tells the story of Crystal, a snowflake who struggles with anxiety and fear of change - until one day she discovers her courage and not only takes the plunge but manages to save another “scaredy flake.” 

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“This story deftly illustrates the use of social and emotional intelligence, particularly how being afraid and anxious about change can be transformed through the beautiful power of empathy.”

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